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Is there a timeframe in which a Status Determination Statement (SDS) should be provided by a client?

The SDS needs to be passed on before a payment is made, as failure to pass on the SDS will result in the client being responsible for the deduction of tax and NICs. ESM10012 provides more detail on Status Determination Statements. 

How long does a client need to keep a Status Determination Statement (SDS) that they have produced for a professional?

Standard document retention rules apply to the SDS. ESM10012 provides further details. 

If a client engages a professional through their limited company and pays them £1,000 per week, does the professional have to pay tax and national insurance on the whole amount?

ESM10028 provides information on how to calculate the deemed direct payment. 

How long is the SDS valid for?

Should there be material changes to the working arrangements an updated SDS should be produced.

Is there any obligation under IR35 regulation to determine the status of professionals who work as sole traders (without an intermediary)?

The off-payroll rules can only apply where a professional is engaged via an intermediary. A client should consider the employment status of those individuals it engages directly under normal working rules.

Where the client deducts tax & national insurance, is the ltd taxed on the net as its revenue, or is the tax/NI levied are accepted as 'tax already paid'?

The professional's intermediary (or the professional) is not required to pay tax or NICs again. That income is treated as though taxes are already paid. This cover both corporate taxes and personal taxes. So no corporation tax, income tax or NICs would be due on that already taxed income.

Employment Tax Compliance for Employers

One of the many benefits of hiring and paying your freelance construction professionals through Survehub is that you should not be required to pay direct taxes such as income tax and National Insurance (NI) for those freelancers.

Note: We are committed to collaborating with the UK tax authorities (HMRC) upon their request. Therefore we suggest you seek independent employment tax advice before engaging freelancers from Survehub.


Independent Contractors

If you classify your freelancer as an independent contractor, you don’t need to pay income tax and NI for your payments to them through Survehub. While all freelancers submit their UTR Number (UK-based) to Survehub, freelancers can also download a Statement of Income from their dashboard.

Permanent Employees

If you believe that your Survehub freelancer is best classified as an employee, you should use Survehub Permanent. To use the Survehub Permanent service, you must:

- Post a job as permanent and invite them to apply through Survehub

- Hire the freelancer and assign them to provide services to you

- Pay Survehub a small commission, and procession fees online

- Handle all of the onboarding, and payment of future direct taxes

Finally, you must always determine the proper classification of all of your UK-based freelancers based on HMRC guidelines and comply with other relevant legal and regulatory frameworks.

Freelance Job Workflow

How do you charge taxes on purchases

Buyers are charged with indirect taxes (such as VAT) depending on their residency, location and any applicable law, in addition to the price shown on the site, and, in any event, any such taxes will always be displayed to the Buyer before payment.

The price that appears on the final checkout page includes all fees and taxes to be paid by the Buyer. They are clearly shown so that the Buyer can approve the exact amount that will be charged.

Any taxes charged by Survehub will be forwarded to the relevant tax authorities. Survehub is unable to accommodate user's exemptions from state sales/use taxes on purchases; however, these can be claimed back from the tax authorities (when applicable).

VAT for Buyers located in the United Kingdom

For Buyers located in the United Kingdom (UK), Survehub charges Value Added Tax (VAT) to those who purchase services on Survehub. This means that a VAT charge will show up on all invoices and purchases.

If you have a valid UK VAT ID number and you are eligible for a tax refund, you may submit Survehub's invoice to the UK Tax Authorities. To receive an invoice with your company or personal details, you should create your user profile and fill out the VAT number in the relevant box.

Survehub generates invoices automatically, and they are viewed in your "My Finance" menu. If no billing information is listed on the account, the invoice will be issued with the account's username only. 

Note: If you don't have a VAT ID number, please consult with your local tax authorities to claim back these funds.

Do you charge seller taxes

As per our Terms and Conditions, Sellers are responsible for handling their local taxes. However, Survehub can issue a yearly statement of earnings, or Sellers can issue invoices to Survehub to declare their earned revenues to their local tax authorities.

How do I request a Statement of Earnings

Survehub can issue a Statement of Earnings upon request.  Note that this document can only be issued for completed years (for example, January-December 2020).  It cannot be issued for shorter periods or for single months (for example, January-June 2020, or just June 2020)

To request a Statement of Earnings, please reach out to our Support Team with the following information:

a) Full name

b) Address

c) Years for the statement to be issued

Why is my payment failing?

There are various reasons why payment will fail. We suggest you check the following:

a) Did you input your card information correctly?

b) Is your card currently valid?

c) Did you contact your bank to ensure you are able to make payments to an internet company?

If you have checked all of these options and everything checks out, you can contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

Why was I charged twice?

There can be various reasons why you get charged multiple times.  One of them is that your card places a pre-authorisation on the payment and once the charge goes through it will be removed. Another instance is that the button was pressed twice. When there are multiple attempts to place a purchase sometimes the payment processor will authorise multiple attempts causing the card to be charged twice.


How to view your account balance

You can view your Survehub account balance to view earnings, refunds, Survehub credits, and more.

There are two ways to view your account balance, from your dashboard or from your My finance menu. Here you can view the following:

a) Your current Survehub balance - from your "Add Funds" menu

b) Your earnings on Survehub - for sellers

c) Your expenditures on Survehub - for buyers

d) Your refunds, which are funds that were credited back to your account for cancelled, or disputed orders.

Contact our Customer Support team if you encounter any issues viewing the above.

What are the available Payment Methods?

The payment methods available on Survehub are:

Stripe: You can make purchases using any major credit/debit card.

Apple Pay: You can make purchases using Apple Pay through Stripe (restricted to the countries where this feature is available).

Google Pay: You can make purchases using Google Pay through Stripe (restricted to the countries where this feature is available).

PayPal: You can pay with PayPal. You also have the option to connect your PayPal account with your Survehub account for a faster check out.


Note: Some countries on PayPal's list may not be accepted by Survehub. For more, see the list of countries that accept PayPal.

How to use your Survehub Balance

When you have funds in your account balance, they will be automatically applied to your next purchase. When the purchase is for a higher amount than what you have available in your balance, you can top-up funds to complete the purchase.

On the checkout page, you will see the total amount due, how much you have available on your personal balance, and if the purchase is for more, you will be prompted to top-up your account.

Note: Currently team accounts are not available. However, we will be reviewing this feature in the future.

Why is my preferred payment method not available?

The payment providers you see on the checkout page are those available to you depending on your country of residence.  We are limited by the list of countries where our third-party payment providers offer services.


How do I make a cash deposit to my account?

At this time, we don't have the option for buyers or sellers to load cash funds into their Survehub wallet. The reason why some accounts have an available balance is that they have earned revenues, they have refunds from cancelled orders or funds added by Survehub as credits. These are digital transactions that are audible and traceable.


Note: Cash deposits are strictly prohibited on Survehub.

My order was cancelled. Where are my funds?

On Survehub, when an order is cancelled the funds are credited to the Buyer's wallet.  Survehub does not process refunds back to the payment provider automatically after an order's cancellation.

To find your funds, open your Survehub account and you should see the credit in your wallet.



How long does it take to receive a direct refund?

Refunds made to Stripe and PayPal are usually completed within 48hours of the request being processed by our Customer Support.

Refunds made to Credit Cards take longer due to card processing times on the issuer's end.  Usually, credit card refunds are completed within 7 to 10 days of the request being processed by our Customer Support.  However, it can take up to two weeks, in extreme cases. So be patient.

Why is my refund incomplete?

Orders are refunded to the buyer's Survehub wallet so sometimes funds are re-used for new purchases. Therefore the funds credited to the buyer's payment provider account seem to be incomplete.

We recommend that you check your most recent orders to confirm if they were paid for with your Survehub balance.

If you have further questions about your account balance, you can contact our Support Team.

I need a refund made a different card or PayPal account. How do I do this?

We are only able to refund the funds back to the original payment source used to process the payment. We are not able to change the Stripe or PayPal account where the funds are credited back.

Why is the amount I'm being charged slightly higher than my order?

All prices on Survehub exclude transaction processing fees levied by our payment partners Stripe and Paypal. Therefore, when you make a purchase transaction processing fees are automatically applied at the applicable rate. 


Survehub covers several simple and easy features. Below are the key features available for Professionals:

1. Sign up and Build Your Profile

a) You can sign up with some common fields after that, you can build your profile nicely to attract Clients.

b) Survehub has a unique design where you can easily build your profile, set your rates, social media etc....

2. Personal Dashboard

a) Once you log into your account, you can find important items on your dashboard such as bids credits, ongoing project list, notifications, accounts statistics, etc...

3. Browse Jobs

a) You can browse jobs based on skills, categories, price, and promotional items like contests, featured projects, urgent projects etc.

b) You can also mark the job as a favourite, and share on social media.

4. Project Bidding

a) You can bid on specific projects that match your chosen categories and skills. 

b) Survehub provides an Excellent Bidding Process. The process contains the necessary information about your bid, and also gives you the option to create project milestones

c) You can ask questions to clarify the brief or learn more about the projects. 

6. Project Board

a) Each project has a unique board from here all operations can be managed, like client communication, file transfer, milestone requests, view and download invoice etc.

7. Accounts

a) The accounts menu contains many tabs such as:

Wallet history - all credit and debit information are displayed here. You can also create and export reports.

Withdrawal - you can specify your preferred fund withdrawal method. Also, you can send withdrawal requests to Admin for approval. Once you need to withdraw the money from your wallet, follow the following steps:

1. Click "Withdraw"

2. Enter the amount, and request a One-Time Pin (OTP)

3. The OTP will be automatically sent to you via email

4. Note the OTP and input the secret Pin as required, click submit

5. Admin will verify the transaction, and approve or reject the payment request.

Transaction history - you can check all your accounts transaction, filter by specific date range, view and download invoices, create and export reports

8. Profile Verification

Survehub allows you to verify your profile using different registration and signing in methods to attract clients. You have the following options:

1. LinkedIn

2. Google

3. Facebook

4. Direct Registration/Sign In

9. Account Settings

a) You can easily change your password

b) You can easily close your account.

10. Disputes

a) If you are not satisfied with the client or vice versa, each has the option to submit the project for dispute resolution - more on that here!.

b) Survehub contains a separate dispute board, from your workspace you can interact with the other party. You can also add our Admin Team in the conversation.

10. Reviews and Ratings

a) You can write a review and rate the Client, and vice-versa.

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