We provide our users with step-by-step guides and demos via our knowledge base that helps you get up to speed with the functionalities of the marketplace. We also provide support via our ticketing system and social media channels.

Anything you can do on a computer can be done through Survehub.

Freelancers in our marketplace can tackle a wide range of projects — big or small, one-off or repeat, individual or team-based. Whether you need a Project Manager to manage your project or your own delivery team, you’ll find talent on Survehub ready to support your business.

Survehub includes a range of features that make it easy for clients (small, medium or large) and professionals to transact hassle-free by removing waste in the value chain. Companies leverage our cloud-based infrastructure to attract the workforce and streamline operations. Below is an overview of Survehub's features and functionalities:

  • Go-Anywhere Design. You can log into SurveHub from anywhere – and from any device. Laptops, smartphones, and tablets are all compatible with SurveHub.
  • Profile Verification. Survehub verifies all of our professionals through a 3-step process, looking into social media profiles, personal backgrounds, and professional profiles. We request experience, education, skills, portfolios, and references from all of the professionals.
  • Intuitive Dashboard. Your dashboard is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for the "novice user". From skills hiring to spend management, you can figure out how to use our dashboard to manage your account.
  • Legal Infrastructure. Survehub provides integrated, end-to-end compliance with UK Off-Payroll rules (IR35), indirect tax, intellectual property protection, copyright protection, and contract law.
  • Strong Security. Your data are safe with Survehub. Our partner Sitelock provides continuous security against the most dangerous cyber-threats.
  • Geolocation Listings. Survehub uses geolocation to match you with other users. Making the search process seamless.
  • Google Maps Integration. Google Maps integration makes it possible for users to visualise where their potential clients and projects are located. You can even use SurveHub to look up for directions to a job site.
  • Escrow Payment Security. We partner with Stripe to process all payments securely. By securing payments in escrow, we take active measures to reduce the risk of fraud, establishing ourselves as a trusted third-party that collects, controls, and disburses funds only when the client is happy with the deliverables.
  • Digital Wallet. SurveHub accepts multiple payment types, including credit cards, debit cards through digital wallets; making payments seamless and secure.
  • Dispute Resolution. While SurveHub moderates the marketplace for suspicious activities, we can step in when necessary to resolve disputes between professionals and their clients—ensuring that SurveHub stands for fairness.
  • Ratings & Reviews. Clients and professionals keep each other accountable by providing feedback on completed projects—creating public verification within our marketplace.
  • Knowledge Base. Educating all of our users is our main priority. We maintain an FAQ system and an ongoing database of user guides, demos, rules, policies, and best practices. Our knowledge base encourages personal responsibility and world-class service.
  • Video and Chat Messaging. We integrate video and chat rooms to foster open and honest communications, and speed up collaboration.
  • Social Integration. As a Professional, you can enhance the appeal of your brands and reputation by sharing your profile on social media. As a Client, you can share your job postings, encouraging prospective talent to browse them on the platform.
  • AI-Powered Matchmaking. You can rely on our Artificial Intelligence algorithms to recommend profiles or match you based on parameters such as skills, budgets, categories, location, reviews, ratings, and more.
  • Live Customer Support. Backing all of our features completely, we operate a support ticketing system that is available to users 24/7/365.

You can only download your IR35 Status Determination when the client accepts your proposal. For the relevant project, go to My Proposal > click IR35 Statement as shown below. You will receive your statement in a pdf format.

Survehub marketplace is cloud-based. Meaning all you need is a web browser and an internet connection to sign into Survehub and start collaborating.

Yes. Off-Payroll Rules, commonly known as IR35 apply to individuals who operate through their own limited company - also defined as an intermediary by HMRC. Where an individual provides services via their own intermediary, the off-payroll will need to be considered by the Client.

You must ensure that your engagement is correctly assessed by your Client before you receive payment from them.

Technology is making remote work similar to local work, with added speed, convenience, and quality advantages.

To begin with, online work can happen wherever there’s a reliable internet connection — in an office, home, café, or rooftop. Meaning you can choose who you work with, among a larger pool of people locally or from around the globe.

Survehub reduces compliance risk and streamlines operating processes from search, shortlisting, collaboration, payments, to invoicing and reviews.

A key aspect of working independently with clients you find online or offline is communication. Once the project begins, you'll want to communicate openly and clearly and work to create successful outcomes for all.

Coming soon! Our mobile app is in the works. We'll let you once it's up and running.

Survehub makes money through commissions, bid credits (over and above monthly allowances), contests, and featured project fees. Go to our Pricing page for more details.


The choice is yours. Our software is designed to make it easy for you to transition from freelancer to trusted professional through cloud-based compliance, client collaboration and payment infrastructure. Survehub acts as the gateway between you and your client's documents, agreements, milestone contracts, communications, payments, invoicing, and reviews. Enabling you to securely transact with your clients directly and hassle-free.

Survehub marketplace is a cloud-based application accessible via any web browser. Meaning you are not required to download an application or keep any local files on your computer.

Survehub marketplace makes it easy for you to connect and transact with clients and vice versa. You no longer have to spend the time and effort going through multiple job board and tides of CV requests. With an intuitive dashboard, you get a quick snapshot of your revenue, projects, reviews. With the financial module, you can easily export your transaction statements and extract key information for your tax returns.

You can pay via debit or credit card when prompted. We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Credit card information is verified and secured by Stripe.


An Endless Pool of Talent. One of the most prominent benefits of hiring on Survehub marketplace is convenience. You get to hire professionals or remote workers without caring about geographical restrictions. You can connect with professionals from all around the world, interview, and hire them upon your satisfaction.

Lower Expenses. As far as expenses are concerned, Survehub can save you a huge sum of money as hiring a professional online will prove to be a huge cost saving for you. You have the lower overheads as compared to hiring full-time salaried employees. You don’t have to pay for office space, internet, health insurance of employees, vacations, etc. You simply have to pay their fees.

No Joining Fee; Low Job Posting Fee. Joining is free on Survehub, we only charge a flat fee of 9% per milestone or project for professionals. We understand that you have incurred high transaction costs in the past and we do not want to add to your expenses by applying more commissions. This is the main reason why we have kept our services cost-effective for Clients.

Fast Hiring. Imagine you’ve got a new contract and you need the manpower to deliver your goals in the expected time frame. Independent professionals can be big saviours in this situation as they can start working immediately and they don’t have to serve a notice period as they are independent. And they are accustomed to fast turnarounds and better outcomes.

Safe Payments. Your payments are kept safe under Escrow protection, and only released when you are completely satisfied with the deliverables.

Flexible contracts with Professionals. Survehub Allows you to make flexible contracts or agreements with Professionals to which you both agree. All the processes including project development and payments are processed as per the criteria mentioned in the agreement. This way, Survehub keeps the payments safe for both Clients and Professionals even without Escrow.

Whether you look through the Client’s perspective or a Professional’s, Survehub is simply the best with more curated bids, low commission rates, and cost-effectiveness for all.

Whether you are a veteran Freelancer or you’re just getting started, it can be difficult to know how much to charge.  Generally speaking, the market sets the rate in the construction industry.

There are various factors that may impact on your rates. Here are some tips that will help you enhance your profile and command the rate appropriate to your level of experience (in no particular order):

  • Your experience - have you worked in the sector for years, or only just getting started?
  • Your job title - Senior professionals tend to be able to charge more than intermediate or juniors.
  • Your portfolio - just 3 portfolio items, or 10+ items?
  • Your confidence - If clients have already paid you £300/day, you know you’re worth that much. 
  • Your schedule - If you’re busy with loads of projects or on a retainer, you can afford to choose to work on jobs with higher rates.
  • The market - what is the current state of the market, is the market booming or in a recession?

Our suggestion

When you’re getting started, your goal should be to build a big portfolio as quickly as possible, so going with the offered rate makes sense.  Then you can start to increase your rate slowly.  As your experience grows, you can justify a higher rate.

Things to remember:

1. Our platform takes a flat 9% fee, so bear that in mind when you set your rates.  

2. Discuss your experience and previous projects with Clients.  More often than not, this helps them understand the value of your service.

3. Write every proposal on the basis of the time you spend, even if you are offering a fixed project price.  So if new requirements are added to the job, you can explain to the Client that this will take more time, which means more income for you.

Survehub provides forms based on best practice. Inside each job form, you have the option to attach files, send questionnaires and job descriptions. 

Survehub benefits from end-to-end encryption. The building blocks of Survehub's security is that all data in the infrastructure is encrypted and decrypted via tokens from our secure partners using passwords that are invisible to Survehub.

Yes. Survehub's payment workflow allows you to send milestone release requests first. Once your client accepts your milestone, you can send them an invoice. Your client makes payment seamlessly from their wallet to your Survehub wallet in seconds. 

Yes, it is possible to exchange privately with a freelancer if the latter makes a proposal on your job post.

In this messaging service, you can chat with him about the terms of his offer, his skills, experience, portfolio, and his availability.

However, the exchange of personal contact details is prohibited even via this private messaging service. To obtain their contact details, you must select them by accepting their proposal.

Absolutely Yes! When you post a job, you have the option to invite a freelancer. Simply type in their name in the “INVITE USER” box, their profile will appear and you can invite them from there - as simple as that!

And if your project is of interest to them, they can submit their proposal, and it’s up to you to accept or reject their proposal.

Bid Credits are the only way to bid for jobs on Survehub.

It is important to note that you get 50 free bid credits when you register and this becomes your monthly allowance. It’s up to you how you want to use your credits – buy just enough or stock up and save for future bids. There’s no limit for when you use your bid credits. And since they won’t expire as long as you sign in to your account at least once every quarter, they’ll always be there when you need them.

The main directory of our freelancers is on the “Find A Pro” page of our website. You can sort the list of freelancers by skill category, city, etc.….

However, you need to log-in to view the freelancers' profiles. So we suggest you register as soon as you can. If you want to view the freelancers' who have sent their proposals to your project, simply click on “View Profile” next to their photo.

The stars correspond to the rating of the freelancer. The more stars they have, the better their rating.

Clients rate the freelancer based on their quality of work, job success, communication, and cooperation. This comprises criteria such as punctuality, sympathy, responsiveness, and availability. For each criterion, it is possible to give 1 to 5 stars. Then, our platform calculates an average star rating to produce the overall rating.

If all the criteria are perfectly respected, the freelancer, therefore, obtains a maximum rating of 5 stars. The freelancer also rates the client in return.

If the freelancer you are interested in does not have a star, don’t worry it certainly means that they have not yet performed a service via Survehub.

So we suggest you chat with them to find out why they have no reviews yet. You can chat through the private messaging space next to their proposal.

When you post a job, a freelancer submits their proposal. You will find their proposal below the job you posted. Survehub will automatically send you an email alert or notification on the app to let you know, but we recommend that you check your job post regularly.

To view your job post, go to the home page of our website. Sign in at the top right corner of the screen to go to your dashboard. On the left, click on "Posted Jobs" to find your posted jobs. They can also be viewed from the app.

Phishing attacks happen when a malicious source tries to get you to provide private information by pretending to be a legitimate company, co-worker, or someone else you trust. They often look like official emails, websites, tweets, or Facebook posts, and can steal your personal information if you’re not on the lookout.

Survehub does send email notifications from time to time, so it is always worth checking the content of the email for the following details:

  • Check the web address (URL) before you click on a link. On a web browser, hover over the link and look at the URL that shows up on the bottom of your browser. Is it pointing to a page at survehub.com?
  • Survehub emails will come from email addresses ending with survehub.com. This are domain name is owned by Survehub Global Ltd.
  • Survehub.com is our main platform, and it is common practice for companies to choose different domains for sending emails and hosting web pages. Doing so allows us to protect the original domain from security threats.
  • Users also should check to make sure there is “https” in the link. All webpages will have the secure URL (e.g. "https://survehub.com").
  • Only type your password into a website after confirming that it is the website you want, not one that was created to look like Survehub.com.
  • Check the domain name for typos (such as “survhub.com” or “surveyhub.com”).
  • Check for the green lock next to the URL, and it lets you know that you are on the genuine Survehub website.

If you believe the email is a phishing attempt, forward a screenshot of the full message along with the email headers to our contact page.

Professionals registered on Survehub are independent professionals (often with the status of a micro-agency, contractor, boutique consultancy, interim, or craftsman) or sole traders passionate about solving clients’ problems. 

Independent professionals are free to set their own rates, which may vary depending on their skills, experience, qualifications, and location.

Do not hesitate to take into account all these factors, as well as the market rate in your specific sector or country.

We also invite Clients to communicate with Professionals in the questions/answers section, in order to have more information on what their proposal includes (e.g. use of software, travel, insurance, tools, supplies, etc.…).

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