Why We Created Survehub?

SURVEHUB was founded to bridge the gap between small and medium-sized construction companies and highly skilled professionals located in the UK and offshore. SURVEHUB helps clients scale their business fast. No matter the size of your job, we have a trusted professional for you.

You save time, reduce costs, and boost productivity through our cloud-based platform.

What We Do

SURVEHUB is a fully integrated talent marketplace focussed exclusively on the construction, engineering, and design sectors. We provide the infrastructure and digital tools to connect companies with quantity surveyors, engineers, architects, project managers and more, faster, reliably and at a predictable cost. Streamlining the hiring process and reducing transaction costs.

You have direct access to your chosen expert via phone, email, and video conference. You define the requirements and systems they'll follow, and release payment when you're 100% happy with the deliverables. It's that simple.

We are an independent technology platform. Without affiliation to any staffing agency. 


To provide a high-qualitytrusted and ethical service that delivers value repeatedly.


To effect meaningful, lasting change in the markets we serve, empowering everyone to grow their business.

What Sets Us Apart?

We use business best practices in strategic cost management, operational excellence, and digital technology to empower our customers to deliver their strategies and achieve better financial futures. 

We Are Builders At The Service Of Builders.

As construction professionals, we firmly believe in the value-added by freelancers. Whether you operate as a contractor, consultant, self-employed, interim executive, micro-business, or simply a full-time employee looking for a way to monetise your knowledge, Survehub is here to serve You!

We Believe In Diversity.

We believe in diversity in the workforce, skills, and projects. From small one-off projects to large-scale local or international projects, from niche services to the next innovations, we welcome all professionals that help build the world of tomorrow.

We Believe In Transparency.

We are radically transparent in our business dealings, giving our customers complete visibility into the marketplace. We are committed to win-win partnerships based on trust and integrity.

We Focus On Adding Value.

We help our industry reduce high search costs, and transaction costs traditionally associated with sourcing the best professionals by streamlining and simplifying processes through our platform. Our first-class partnership-driven business model enables us to add value repeatedly.

We Work With High-Quality Professionals.

By joining us, you benefit from a personal matching service that takes into account more than just your skillset. Our cohort boosts productivity and seamlessly integrate into client teams to help them grow their business.